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Contents Page: July 2016, vol 12 no 2

Random Praise: Judson Evans' "Fava Bean Soup."

Featured Writer: Peter Butler's Thoughts on Writing Haibun

Commentary: Ray Rasmussen, Larry Kimmel's "Evening Walk": Moving Beyond Standard Haibun

Contests: Yvonne Cabalone, Winners of the Jerry Kilbride Memorial Haibun Contest 2015

News: After 5 years, the June issue of A Hundred Gourds was its last. Kudos to Lorin Ford and the AHG editors for their dedication in providing writers a venue for the haiku genres.


. Mary Frederick Ahearn, Providence
. Alanna C. Burke, New Celtic Curse
. Margaret Chula, Purge
. Margaret Chula, Shinju-an: The Pearl Hermitage
. Glenn G. Coats, A Desire to Endure
. David Cobb, Ring-a-Ring o' Roses
. Janet Lynn Davis, Everywhere I Look
. Angelee Deodhar, Apraṇihita
. Judson Evans, Wittgenstein's Birds
. Claire Everett, The Red Pen
. Claire Everett, Through the Peep-hole
. Tim Gardiner, Sad Hill
. Brent Goodman, No Motors Allowed
. Bill Gottlieb, The Same
. Joann Grisetti, Up on the Roof
. Zach Groesbeck, Grandiosity
. Autumn Noelle Hall, Construct(ion)
. Dan Hardison, Knowing
. Ruth Holzer, Wait
. Marilyn Humbert, Slow Motion
. Susan King, Last Wishes
. Susan King, Tea Ceremony
. Shobhana Kumar, Learning to Tell Time
. Jessica Malone Latham, Birthday
. Jessica Malone Latham, Code Grey
. Chen-ou Liu, Hungry
. Rebeca Lois Lucret, Sancocho
. Marietta Jane McGregor, What We Hide
. Jonathan McKeown, After All (the King’s Men)
. Beverly Acuff Momoi, Broken

. Evonne Brennan Moore, Liminality
. Lee Nash, On Rising, To Find My Heart is Empty
. Daniella Navarro, Neruda
. Peter Newton, Interior
. Peter Newton, Roll Call
. Doug Norris, Little Compton
. Doug Norris, Vermont Funeral
. Kathe L. Palka, Calico
. Christopher Patchel, Re-
. Anthony Q. Rabang, One Day in January
. Kala Ramesh, The River
. Dave Read, Huntsmen
. Michele Root-Bernstein, Molecular Complementarity
. Michele Root-Bernstein, Turner in His Studio
. Alexis Rotella, Farmer's Market
. Aron Rothstein, When We Walked in Fields of Gold
. Michael S. Ryan, Missives
. Yesha Shah, Skimming Stones
. Adelaide B. Shaw, Grandma's Noodles
. Guy Simser, Take a country stroll, she said.
. Charles Tarlton, John Constable's Boat and Sky
. Paresh Tiwari, Time in a bottle
. Pat Tompkins, Take with a Grain of Salt
. Mekdes Yimam, Null & Void
. Harriot West, A Cautionary Tale
. Harriot West, Lethe
. Rich Youmans, Sunday Again
. J. Zimmerman, The Sixth Light Keeper of Point Pinos I
. J. Zimmerman, The Sixth Light Keeper of Point Pinos II

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Another Bad Love Poem .Ray Rasmussen, Email to My High School Girlfriend

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