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Contents Page: April 2016, vol 12 no 1

Random Praise: David J. Kelly's "Once upon a time"

Featured Writer: Doris Lynch, Before the Blossoming: Thoughts on Haibun

Review: Ray Rasmussen, A Review of Roberta Beary’s Deflection

News: Always nice to see familiar names in poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction journals. And it's good to know some poets are getting paid!

.A shout out to haibunists Roberta Beary and Al Ortolani, who have work, haiku and free verse, respectively, in the current issue of Rattle (#51).

.KYSO Flash has announced a writing contest, exclusively for haibun and tanka prose, open through the 15th of June. Entries will be judged by Matthew Paul, co-editor of Presence haiku journal. Winners, honorable mentions, and finalists will be published online and in a print anthology this fall. And KYSO Flash's latest release, Issue #5, contains the haibun and tanka prose of 19 poets. Congratulations to Editor Clare MacQueen for including haiku-genre work in her short forms journal and to Bob Lucky who won 3rd place in the KYSO Flash Triple-F challenge which was open to all genres.

And sad to hear that after 5 years, the June issue of A Hundred Gourds will be its last. Kudos to Lorin Ford and the AHG editors for their dedication in providing writers a venue for the haiku genres.


.Mary Frederick Ahearn, Illumination
.Stephen Allen, Visiting Family Friends
.Pat Anthony, Leaving the Wedding Mirror
.Peter Butler, Time to Get a Life?
.Teri White Carns, Knik Valley Wheat
.Glenn G. Coats, Solids
.Glenn G. Coats, The Fourth Stage
.Kyle D. Craig, Deconstruction
.Angelee Deodhar, Bargain
.Margaret Dornaus, Defining Moment . . .
.Lynn Edge, Abundance
.Judson Evans, Fava Bean Soup
.Claire Everett, Stronghold
.Claire Everett, What Would Aesop Say?
.Tim Gardiner, The Second Step
.Autumn Noelle Hall, Amish Ladyfinger
.J. Todd Hawkins, First Blues
.Roger Jones, The Landlady
.Susan King, Ebb and Flo
.Anatoly Kudryavitsky, These Flowing Moments
.Shobhana Kumar, Fairy Tales
.Chen-ou Liu, A Lonely Business
.Catherine J.S. Lee, Wild Strawberries
.Fred Lowe, At Mantua
.Isabella David McCaffrey, Nomads in Zerzura

.Marietta McGregor, Everything in Perspective
.Jonathan McKeown, Sleepwalkers
.Don Miller, Housetraining
.Mary P. Myers, Measure Twice
.Peter Newton, Adjudication
.Peter Newton, Getting Real
.Al Ortolani, Broad Leaf
.Gabriel Patterson, Parsec
.Patricia Prime, Repotting
.Aalix Roake, The Days Go by Without Me
.Robert Root, Labyrinth Garden
.Derek Ross, Carsethorn
.Alexis Rotella, Owl Medicine
.Yesha Shah, Dear Diary
.Yesha Shah, Honeymoon Cottage
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Thanksgiving
.Frank J. Tassone, A Violent End
.Els van Leeuwen, Go Gentle
.Bill Waters, Only You Can Prevent . . .
.Diana Webb, Crafted by Hand
.Allyson Whipple, Ten Days Before Christmas
.Sharon Kay Wilson, Between the Pages
.J. Zimmerman, DNA
.J. Zimmerman, Questions to my Twin about Graffiti

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, The Last Day of School .Ray Rasmussen, But Don't We All . . .

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