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Contents Page: January 2016, vol 11 no 4

Viewpoints: Lynne Rees, Random Praise: Autumn Noelle Hall

Featured Writer: Jeff Streeby, Thoughts on the Haibun Form

Articles, Commentaries & Reviews:
.Jonathan McKeown, A Review of Journeys 2015: An Anthology of International Haibun, Angelee Deodhar (Editor)
.Lynne Rees, What Feeds Us: A Review of Harriot West's Into the Light
.Adelaide B. Shaw, A Review of Ray Rasmussen's Landmarks: A Haibun Collection

.Lynne Rees Retires as CHO Editor
.KYSO Flash Anthology of Haibun and Tanka Forms


.Mary Frederick Ahearn, Catechism
.Richard Allen Anderson,Summer Harvest
.Joseph Salvatore Aversano,Good Shepherd Pastorale
.Matthew Caretti, Muti
.Carolyn Coit Dancy, Breaking News
.Margaret Dornaus, Lost & Found
.Margaret Dornaus, St. Agnes’ Eve
.Claire Everett, Becoming a Page
.Claire Everett, Lifting the Lid
.Melanie Faith, Penelope
.Bill Gottlieb, Three Devotees
.Joann Grisetti, Soto Dam

.Alexander Jankiewicz, In the Footsteps of Shadows
.David J. Kelly, Once upon a Time
.Susan King, All's Right with the World
.Doris Lynch, Durability
.Doris Lynch, The Last of the Summer Lights
.Caroline Masters, Waiting
.Jonathan McKeown, Circles
.Al Ortolani, Faulkner at Christmas
.Rochelle Potkar, Independence
.Paresh Tiwari, Electric Chair
.Paresh Tiwari, Nine Years
.Paresh Tiwari, The Cemetery of Times Past
.J. Zimmerman, Why Chutney Makes Him Weep

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, The Armchair Daoist .Lynne Rees, First Person .Ray Rasmussen, Drifting Through

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