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Contents Page: September 2015, vol 11 no 3

Jim Kacian: In Memoriam Ken Jones

Lynne Rees: Remembering Ken Jones

.Ray Rasmussen, Random Praise: Patricia Prime

Featured Writer: Peter Newton

Articles, Commentaries & Reviews:
.Bob Lucky, A Review of Peter Butler's The Trouble with Mona Lisa.
.Bob Lucky, A Review of Paresh Tiwari's An Inch of Sky.

.Lynne Rees' book, The Hungry Writer, is just released.
.Call for Ekphrastic Haibun for Special Publication


.Joseph Salvatore Aversano, The Knowledge of Good and Evil
.Joseph Salvatore Aversano, The O About P
.Jo Balistreri, Nevada Testing
.Jo Balistreri, Summer of 1962
.Anjana Basu, The Lane at the End of Love
.Matthew Caretti, On Reading The Communist Manifesto . . .
.Glenn Coats, Kingdoms
.Glenn Coats, The Rock Valley Session
.Patrick Doerksen, Night and Day
.Claire Everett, Autumn Deepens
.Claire Everett, From an Upstairs Window
.Melanie Faith, Fill-In
.Ferris Gilli, Scrap of Black
.Bill Gottlieb, Imaging
.Bill Gottlieb, Maybe Tomorrow
.Bill Gottlieb, Puppeteer
.Autumn Noelle Hall, As the Crow Flies
.Autumn Noelle Hall, Chestnuts Roasting
.Penny Harter, Harvest Home
.Penny Harter, Requiem for the Bye-Lo Doll
.Marleen Hulst, May Day
.Alex Jankiewicz, Innocence Lost
.Roger Jones, Home
.Susan King, Different Times
.Susan King, Language of the Heavens
.Deborah P Kolodji, Longest Day
.Peter Newton, Privilege
.Kathe L. Palke, Royal Purple
.Crystal Simone Smith, When Darkness Comes
.Els van Leeuwen, ArrĂȘtez
.Lew Watts, When you don't smell it ...

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Sony Forster Is Dead . . . .Lynne Rees, Not Gone .Ray Rasmussen, This New Raw Season

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