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Contents Page: July 2015, vol 11 no 2

.Lynne Rees, Random Praise: Chris Bays
.Bob Lucky, Acceptance Rates at CHO

Featured Writer: David Cobb

Articles, Commentaries & Reviews:
. Ray Rasmussen, Commentary on Peter Butler's Ekphrastic Haibun "Instructing Mona Lisa"

.Best Small Fictions 2015


. Collin Barber, Returning
. Collin Barber, Sirius
. Matthew Caretti, To Be Warm
. Kyle D. Craig, Before Work
. Lynn Edge, What I Don’t Want to Hear
. Claire Everett, Japanese Binding
. Claire Everett, A Mind to Listen
. Claire Everett, To Rookhope
. Terri L. French, Outside the Lines
. David Gershator, Terminal Vision
. Bill Gottlieb, Blood Moon
. Jonathan Humphrey, Pith
. Ryan Jessup, The Search for Gold
. Anne Kenny, Telling Time
. Susan King, Letting Go
. Gary LeBel, Suitcase
. Chen-ou Liu, The Gaze
. Marietta McGregor, The Faint Scent of Tuesday
. Marietta McGregor, Full Circle
. Jonathan McKeown, The Ring
. Peter Newton, Paradise Road
. Peter Newton, Transplant
. Tom Painting, Blind Faith
. Gabriel Patterson, Sorority
. Patricia Prime, A World Beyond the Sky
. Vessislava Savova, Morning
. Yesha Shah, Counting Stars
. Adelaide B. Shaw, Spring Break
. Jonathan Shipley, Tchaikovsky’s Fourth
. Jeff Streeby, Calling Coyotes
. Jeff Streeby, Revelation: Teplovo Estate
. Els van Leeuwen, Mercy
. Bill Waters, Sunny with a Chance of Annihilation
. J. Zimmerman, Night Work

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Sing to Me, Bird .Lynne Rees, Stories .Ray Rasmussen, Catalog

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