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Contents Page: April 2015, vol 11 no 1

.Bob Lucky, Random Praise: Bill Gottlieb's "Win-Loss"
.Bob Lucky, Acceptance Rates at CHO

Featured Writer: Harriot West

Articles, Commentaries & Reviews:
.Lynne Rees, Language as Vehicle: Theme and Meaning in Haibun
.Writer at Work: A Conversation with Ray Rasmussen

.2014 Kilbride Haibun Contest Winners
.A New Haibun and Tanka Prose Resources Collection


.Mary Ahearn, A Day Unknown
.Mary Ahearn, Hibernaculum
.Mary Ahearn, To the Garden
.Chris Bays, Heartwood
.Peter Butler, A Shelter in the Rain
.Peter Butler, Driving Through the Fence
.Matthew Caretti, When Fiction Becomes Fact
.Sonam Chhoki, Not Like Issa
.Sonam Chhoki, They Who Can, Love
.Glenn Coats, Pigeons of Clay
.Garry Eaton, Lynn Valley
.Lynn Edge, Rancher's Wife
.Claire Everett, Hand-me-downs
.Kasturi Jadhav, Free Falling
.Deborah P Kolodji, Shopping List
.Doris Lynch, Our Mythic Past

.dl mattila, Distraction
.Isabella David McCaffrey, Hexagram 54 of the I Ching
.Jonathan McKeown, Mise en Scène
.Jonathan McKeown, The Net
.Evonne Brennan Moore, An Ancient Song
.Peter Newton, Part-time Gods
.Patricia Prime, On My Way to the Sea
.Aron Rothstein, Convergence
.Barbara Tate, You Could Listen to My Side
.Paresh Tiwari, Undone
.Paresh Tiwari, Untethered
.Bill Waters, My Father-in-Law's Mustache
.Lew Watts, We are vessels . . .
.Diana Webb, A View
.Michael Dylan Welch, True Colours

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Next Year .Lynne Rees, Love Language Ray Rasmussen, Giboshi

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