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Contents Page: June 2005, vol 1 no 1

Contemporary Haibun Online is a Quarterly Journal appearing in March, June, September and December of each year. We are pleased to offer our readers quality haibun-style writing and to encourage both the writing and reading of contemporary haibun.

Editors Ken Jones, Jim Kacian and Bruce Ross review submissions independently and then collaborate to accept submissions.

Haibun Selections

Beary, Roberta, Bar Fly
buttonBeary, Roberta, Two Hands
Beary, Roberta, Visiting Day
Berriozabal, Luis C., Garlic and Crucifixes
Buettner, Marjorie, Clouds in the Water
Buettner, Marjorie, The Light Obscured
Cobb, David, Business in Eden
Cobb, David, The Priest Hole
buttonCobb, David, St. Edmund's Eve
Cohen, Martin Gottlieb, The First Day
Evans, Judson, Instar
buttonEvans, Judson, Sorceror's Apprentice
Evans, Judson, Window Washer
Ford, Gary, Gopher Holes
Gershator, David, To Nikko and Beyond
Hacanis, Andy, Wheels, Sky
buttonHawkes, Tim, #1
Hawkes, Tim, #2
bHeffernan, Thomas, Coloring Christmas
Heffernan, Thomas, The Silverback
Léger, Dejah Thoris, Still Life
bHigginson, William J., Hawk
bJaiye, Duro, Learning Curve
bKlesko, Karina, The Ultimate Schism
buttonKuniharu, Shimizu, The Egg-Shaped Stone
bMcAdoo. Brynne, Haiku Rendezvous
bMcGill, Allen, Release
bMcGill, Allen, The Dome

Nunn, Graham, Bali Sunrise
Nunn, Graham, Tonight on the Bay
Owen, W.F., 02-827
buttonOwen, W.F., Clothesline
Owen, W.F., The Taste of Blood
Pacsoo, Jo, Spring Moon
Prime, Patricia, Underground
Ramsey, William, The Ants
buttonRamsey, William, Twelve Proofs of God's Existence
Ramsey, William, U-Boat
Rasmussen, Ray, In the Mood
buttonRasmussen, Ray, The Bamboo Rake
buttonRasmussen, Ray, Three Buck Poet
bRuggieri, Helen, America Lost
bRuggieri, Helen, Wallpaper
bRuggieri, Helen, My Father's War
bSanfield, Steve, Remembering Rene DeLott
bSeeley, Arthur Woods, Walking with Alfie
buttonSexton, John W., Daynight
bSexton, John W., Untitled
bSexton, John W., In the Neglected Orchard
bShaw, Adelaide B. A Night in Naxos
bShaw, Adelaide B., Class Reunion
bShaw, Adelaide B., Winter
bSmith, Wendy, Waving Goodbye
bTakeshita, Toshiro, Alone
bVayman, Zinovy, Haibun for Genrick Sapgir
bVayman, Zinovy, University Day
buttonWojnicki, Tad, Mission
bWyatt, Bill, On Corfu

Haibun by the Editors

Ken Jones, Wales
Lady of the Lake
The Knife Grinder
Turning the Corner

Jim Kacian, USA
lost in space
miles out at sea

Bruce Ross, USA
Every Step
Lunar Eclipse
Winter Desert

Copyright: All contents are the property of the contributors and contemporary haibun online. Contributors are free to publish elsewhere so long as cho is cited as the first place of publication. No content may be published or distributed elsewhere in any form or in any way without permission of the contributors. cho retains the right to republish the contents in the annual print publication: contemporary haibun. Submissions can be made at any time, and, if accepted, will be published in the next [after acceptance date] issue of ch.



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