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Contents Page: January 2015, vol 10 no 4

.Changes to Contemporary Haibun Online
.Contemporary Haibun Closes Shop
.A New Haibun Resources Website: Haibun& Tanka Prose Articles, Interviews, Commentaries, Reviews.

.Bob Lucky, On Editing
.Ray Rasmussen, The Health of English-Language Haibun

Featured Writer: Jim Kacian

Articles, Commentaries & Reviews:
.Bob Lucky, Random Praise: Ken Jones' "The Ice Axe"
.Ray Rasmussen, Epigraphs in Haibun: Quick Fixes or Meaningful Links?
.Joan Zimmerman, A Japanese Perspective on the Haibun: The Same Moon, Each Night A Different Moon


.Mary Ahearn, Hallelujah
.Mary Ahearn, Snow Drops
.Jose Araguz, Birthdays
.Jose Araguz, Walks
.Ludmila Balabanova, Seasons
.Shelly Bryant, Pendulum, a Travel Journal
.Alanna C. Burke, Blink
.Carolyn Dancy, Twists and Turns
.Marcyn Del Clements, Danum River Valley, Borneo
.Angelee Deodhar, Poseidon
.Claire Everett, Miles Away
.Ian Felton, The Most Beautiful World in the World
.James Fowler, Barn
.Terri French, Babe
.Ferris Gilli, The Hollow Echo
.Bill Gottlieb, Win-Loss
.Autumn Noelle Hall, Off the Reservation
.Leslie Ihde, Where Heaven Is
.Kasturi Jadhav, India
.Kasturi Jadhav, The Walk
.Alexander Jankiewicz, Mirage
.Ryan Jessup, Different Rivers
.Roger D. Jones, The Melon Patch
.Tricia Knoll, Wiping Up for Moving Out
.Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Picture-Perfect
.Chen-ou Liu, Leap of Faith?
.Doris Lynch, 12 Steps on the Path to Solitude
.Fran Masat, Resonance
.Jonathan McKeown, Jim Brown
.Tom Painting, Apparition
.Marianne Paul, Dreaming
.Ray Rasmussen, Lifting the Covers
.Jackie Maugh Robinson, Set Free
.Melissa Watkins Starr, Recreating Summer
.Melissa Watkins Starr, Remembering Pap
.Jeff Streeby, Epitaph
.Frank J. Tassone, About that Night
.Paresh Tiwari, Inkblots
.Pat Tompkins, Where in the World Is San Diego, Carmen?
.Diana Webb, Click
.Diana Webb, Flash
.J. Zimmerman, Garland

Editors' Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Near the Hospice Where My Father Died
.Lynne Rees, In the Air

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