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Contents Page: October 2014, vol 10 no 3

Articles, Reviews, Commentaries, Features

.Editor-in-Chief Bob Lucky, Titles in Haibun

.Featured Writer: Margaret Dornaus

.Marian Olson, Introduction to Marjorie Buettner's Some Measure of Existence

.Marjorie Buettner, Reports from the Field: A Haibun Workshop by Melissa Allen


.Mary Frederick Ahearn, Trailing Arbutus
.Richard Allen Anderson, Melody of Love
.Sonam Chhoki, Hoarded in Memory
.Glenn Coats, Outlasting the Blues
.Glenn Coats, Sulfur Season
.Cherie Hunter Day, Exposure
.Cherie Hunter Day, Sticks
.Judson Evans, Rima Sparsa
.Claire Everett, Talking in Tandem
.Bill Gottlieb, Never Amounted
.Meg Griffiths, Unspoken
.Joann Grisetti, A Hint of Smoke
.Autumn Noelle Hall, The Invisible Line
.Gail Hennessy, For Julia
.Gail Hennessy, Memento
.Ken Jones, The Ice Axe
.Doris Lynch, Swimming the Wild Penobscot
.Jonathan McKeown, Kind Regards
.Jonathan McKeown, The Great Ocean Road
.Jonathan McKeown, The Sense of Humour
.Peter Newton, The Anatomy of Hope
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, Keys Lost: Doors Locked
.Ray Rasmussen, Ruckus
.Jackie Maugh Robinson, Never Mind
.Ina Scott, Goodbye
.Ina Scott, Wooden Heart
.Yesha Shah, Due Date
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Another World
.Melissa Watkins Starr, Around 2 P.M.
.Barbara Tate, A Long Way From Nowhere
.Paresh Tiwari, Orbit
.Paresh Tiwari, Seventeen Years Later
.Pat Tompkins, Crackerjack
.Els van Leeuwen, Hummus
.Els van Leeuwen, What is a Lake
.Lynn Wohlwend, Blind Spot
.J. Zimmerman, One Line

Editors' Haibun:

.Marjorie Buettner, These Days
.Bob Lucky, Maria Distasio, 10, Killed in the Great Molasses Flood of 1919
.Lynne Rees, Skin

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