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Contents Page: July 2014, vol 10 no 2

Editor-in-Chief Bob Lucky: A Plunge into the Mainstream

Melissa Allen's: "Off-Road", In Memoriam for Martin Lucas

Featured Writer: Roberta Beary


.Mary Frederick Ahearn, Dance
.Mary Frederick Ahearn, Gone
.Sanjuktaa Asopa, Nocturne
.Matthew Caretti, Ubuntu
.Steven Carter, Song for Edmund
.Sonam Chhoki, The Botany of Dreams
.Angelee Deodhar, Xeriscape
.Margaret Dornaus, Nothing More
.Margaret Dornaus, Throwback
.Garry Eaton, Candlepower
.Claire Everett, Hermes
.Terri French, Hell is Full
.Terri French, Making Faces
.Chase Gagnon, Longest Night
.Philip Gordon, Twilight
.Bill Gottlieb, Malignant, Isn’t That It?
.Jonathan Humphrey, How To Disassemble . . .
.Jonathan Humphrey, Ink-Dark Staccato
.Jonathan Humphrey, Violet, Violent
.Carol Judkins, 9 August 1942
.Gary LeBel, Parabolic
.Gary LeBel, Pearl
.Chen-ou Liu, Following the Moon to the Maple Land
.Doris Lynch, Sirens
.Jonathan McKeown, Nomenclator
.Beverly Acuff Momoi, Holding Fast
.Paula Moore, Act of Faith
.Peter Newton, Abiyat
.Peter Newton, Carousel
.Peter Newton, Switchback
.Tom Painting, Bless Me
.Tom Painting, Hard Knocks
.Tom Painting, Votive
.Patricia Prime, Maid of all Work (Thrale House)
.Kala Ramesh, The Blue Jacaranda
.Ray Rasmussen, Mulling
.Aron Rothstein, Birthday Bottle
.R.K. Sameer, The Second Hand's Fingerprints
.G. E. Schwartz, Stone
.Ina Scot, Letting Go
.Stevie Strang, Lately, It Has Occurred to Me
.Stevie Strang, The Fog Rolls In
.Jeff Streeby, Road Trip: 1974
.Paresh Tiwari, The Last Sliver of Sky
.Els van Leeuwen, Surface Tension
.Els van Leeuwen, Treasure
.Priscilla Van Valkenburgh, Witness
.Diana Webb, After Vermeer
.J. Zimmerman, Japanese Two (Douzo Yoroshiku)
.J. Zimmerman, Upstarts
.J. Zimmerman, What Tastes Bitter

Editors' Haibun:

.Marjorie Buettner, What the Morning Brings
.Bob Lucky, Running with the Yaks
.Lynne Rees, Family Interrupted

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