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Contents Page: April 2014, vol 10 no 1

Announcement: Changes in Editorial Staff at Contemporary Haibun Online & Contemporary Haibun.
Ray Rasmussen's Commentary: Capturing Ed Higgins' "Escaped Poems"

. Vicki Bonnell, Phantom Ranch
. Donna Buck, Colors of Light
. Tony Burfield, Burner
. Tony Burfield, Creaturas
. Tony Burfield, Goals
. Peter Butler, Our Street Is Getting Old
. Matthew Caretti, Immolation
. Matthew Caretti, With Each Step
. Steven Carter, Out, Out
. Steven Carter, Star Trek
. Sreeja Chakraborty, Apocalypse
. Sonam Chhoki, The Archaeology of Dreams
. Carolyn Dancy, Spellbound
. Carolyn Dancy, The Dollhouse
. Angelee Deodhar, Black Rock
. Angelee Deodhar, The Walk
. Margaret Dornaus, Love Letter to a Dead Poet
. Garry Eaton, Killing Osama
. Claire Everett, Little Acts
. Claire Everett, Poesy
. Claire Everett, Wind
. Terri L. French, Her Time
. Jeffery Harpeng, Frayed Flowers
. Peggy Heinrich, Out of the Blue
. Ed Higgins, Escaped Poems
. Marilyn Humbert, Siren's Song
. Jonathan Humphrey, Midnight At Ishigaki Island
. Jonathan Humphrey, Mottled With Maple And Oak
. Ryan Jessup, Untouchable
. Roger Jones, Galveston
. Mark Kaplon, The Eucalyptus Grove
. Clyde Kessler, Fiddling in a January Thaw
. Doris Lynch, Dog Walking in Denali
. Doris Lynch, Perambulating November

. Doris Lynch, Watching the Sea Change
. Francis Masat, Diana
. Francis Masat, Journeys
. Jonathan McKeown, A Tree
. Jonathan McKeown, Beatrice
. Jonathan McKeown, Khmer Rouge
. Beverly Acuff Momoi, Another Story Could Be True
. Beverly Acuff Momoi, Enough
. Beverly Acuff Momoi, On Saturday Sophie Tests ...
. Paula Moore, Sopchoppy
. Tom Painting, Remnant
. Tom Painting, Winter Solstice
. Patricia Prime, Still Life
. Ray Rasmussen, Stolen Memories
. Ray Rasmussen, To Be A Man
. Drew Ridley-Siegert, Protest
. Robert Root, Autumn Again
. Robert Root, Mirrors
. Jennifer Rosenberry, Hidden Stream
. R.K. Sameer, Frivolous Relations
. R.K. Sameer, The Two Women in my Life
. R.K. Sameer, Two Earphones
. Guy Simser, The Poet's Progress
. Guy Simser, Trilling
. Guy Simser,  Witch's Broom
. Paresh Tiwari, Emptiness
. Paresh Tiwari, Pablo
. Pat Tompkins, A Kind of Dinosaur?
. Pat Tompkins, Orange Bowls
. Pat Tompkins, Thumbs Down
. Els van Leeuwen, Cold Tea
. Els van Leeuwen, Primary Colours

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, Happy New Year .Jim Kacian, Babel .Bruce Ross, I Get By

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