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Archive: American Haibun & Haiga Volume 4

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Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal


Tales of the Dark Horned Frog

My mother is practicing voodoo on me. She might as well be dead. That black magic is against everything God teaches. She and father worship the dark horned frog. If you don’t have faith in God you might as well be destroyed. They have conspired with the Los Angeles Police Department and this psychiatric institution to put me away for a very long time. They claim I am a Schizophrenic. They do not understand what is going on inside me. It’s the voodoo working me over. But I am strong in my faith and I’ll crush them with the help of The Almighty.

The dark horned frog
Leaps into the pond
Horns first

I have studied law and I will be my own lawyer. I’ll bring my parents, the cops, and the mental health system on their knees for doing this to me. They’ll drop their silly motion and shy away from witchcraft and back into the light. I hear God all the time. I talk to Him. He is in my corner. Psychiatric medication is the devil’s chemistry. I will not take one drop, one tablet, or one shot. If they want a fight, I will give it to them.

In the pond
One horn out of water
One horn submerged . . .

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