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Archive: American Haibun & Haiga Volume 4

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Kuniharu Shimizu


Holiday Haibun

A mountain haijin, I recently journeyed to a hotspring spot on the coast of the Japan Sea (a 12 hour train ride from my town!). The hotspring is located in the open, right by the beach. A few steps away is the wide, wide expanse of the Japan Sea. I watch the huge sunset as I warm myself in the hotspring.

calm sea . . .
a string of wake
leads to the setting sun

Basho, when he made the trip Narrow Road of Oku, walked along this area, wrote the following haiku:

the rough sea—
flowing toward Sado Isle
the river of Heaven

Sado Isle is too far to see from where I am. And I do not stay outside to observe the river of Heaven, nor the Milky Way. I have a party to attend tonight. Having been in the hotspring to long, I am more attracted to cold beer and sake.

a treat for travelers,
milk for Basho
and sake for me

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