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Archive: American Haibun & Haiga Volume 4

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Alison Williams



The sky today is a bright, light blue. The air as cold and clear as water. The sun shines on the far end of a wooden shelf where odd things, picked up here and there over the years, lie.

a small shell
from another summer
spirals around
what used to be
a secret sanctuary

There is a place that is as empty as the sky, and as full of light. A place of silent music, where time slips. At least, that’s how it seems to me. A place where we met, in a way not to be repeated. Sometimes I go back, always alone. These autumn days, when we look into the sky, do we see two sunsets or only one?

can’t stop
however hard
I try
wondering how
you see it now

A breath of wind and dust motes rise, glinting, then slowly settle back into dullness again.

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