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Archive: American Haibun & Haiga Volume 2

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Robert Gibson


Moon Rise

On a warm spring eve Echo and I were lying naked, or nearly so, on the lawn of the state capitol in Salt Lake City waiting for our  bodies to return to normal. We were looking to the east and waiting for the full moon to rise over the Wasatch Mountains.

I mentioned the moon illusion of the moon looking very large when it just rises, but seeming to become smaller as it moves higher in the night sky. I said that I had been told that if you look at the rising moon from between your legs the illusion didn’t occur, but that I had never tried it out.

As the moon just peeked above the snow capped mountains, Echo stood up and said, “I’ll try it and see.” She moved her feet far apart, and waited to bend down and look at the moon from  between her legs.

just stand there
let me watch the moon rise
between your legs

We waited in silence until the moon had passed into her body, and then, still silent, she returned to my arms.

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