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CHO is temporarily closed while we're creating our new look starting with our April 16:1 issue. It will be released sometime in April.

Bob Lucky has resigned as Editor-in-Chief after 5 years of dedicated service to the haibun community. Rich Youmans is our new Editor-in-Chief.

New Staff: Tish Davis (Tanka Prose Editor), Rich Youmans and Terri French (Haibun Editors), Patricia Prime (Articles, Reviews, Interviews and Commentaries Editor), and Ron Moss (Haiga Editor).

The next submission period for our CHO 16:2 August issue opens on May 1. And we'll also be accepting submissions of haiga for the next issue.

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Thank you!

The CHO Editors

Contents Page: January 2020, vol 15 no 4

Bob Lucky's Farewell Statement

Random Praise by Bob Lucky: Jonathan Humphrey’s “Calligraphy”

Featured Writer: Joan Zimmerman Comments on Haibun

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

.Sonam Chhoki and Mike Montreuil, Mapping Absences, A Book Review by Bob Lucky

.Bob Lucky, My Thology: Not Always True but Always Truth, A Tribute and Commentary by Ray Rasmussen


.Jeff Streeby haibun wins Bacopa Literary Prize (click to see winnig composition)

.Release of Red River Book of Haibun: An International Anthology

. Steve Andrews, Daybreak
. Joanna Ashwell, Chancers
. Joseph Salvatore Aversano, Colorblind
. Amanda Bell, The New Scream
. Maxianne Berger, Come What May
. Kathryn Bold, Good Neighbors
. Ed Bremson, Riddle of the Seasons
. John Budan, Desolation Outhouse
. Christy Burbidge, Chappaquiddick
. Tony Burfield, Burn Barrel Evening
. Pris Campbell, Flatlining
. Matthew Caretti, Round Trip
. Teri White Carns, The Twilight Limited
. Anna Cates, One out of Four
. Glenn G. Coats, Lines and Spaces
. Beate Conrad, Earthwork
. Janet Lynn Davis, Voir Dire
. J Hahn Doleman, War Stories
. Rebecca Drouilhet, How I Learned Magic
. Martin Duguay, The Delinquent
. Garry Eaton, Ekphrastic
. Colleen M. Farrelly, Everybody Dies
. Marilyn Fleming, Keyword
. Steve Folkers, Tyler Bend
. Mark Forrester, Reunion
. Terri L. French, Afterword
. Bill Gottlieb, Into Deep
. Richard Grahn, Damn the Rituals
. Tia Haynes, Wingspan
. Judit Hollos, Tainted Aurora
. Edward Cody Huddleston, Afterglow
. Jonathan Humphrey, The Art Of Bending (A Mandala)
. Jonathan Humphrey, Cezanne’s Pears, Framed In Fire
. Michelle Hyatt, Timing
. David Jacobs, Us
. Gerry Jacobson, Memory
. Alexander Jankiewicz, Inside a Christmas Tale
. Peter Jastermsky, In the Swim
. David J Kelly, Between the Cracks
. Tricia Knoll, August Night I Sang the Twilight
. Isabella Kramer, At the Pier
. Kat Lehmann, Residence
. Kristen Lindquist, Pulpit Rock
. Chen-ou Liu, Departed and yet ...
. Joyce Joslin Lorenson, The Sharpshooter
. Doris Lynch, The End of the World Speaks to Us
. Tanya McDonald, Homecoming
. Marietta McGregor, Street to Hell
. Jonathan McKeown, Eschatology
. Vicki Miko, On the Road
. Lori A Minor, Edit the Sad Parts
. Ian Mullins, Anywhere But Here
. Mary P. Myers, Postmodern Art
. Gautam Nadkarni, Egg-ceptional
. Gail Oare, Differences
. Tom Painting, Growing Pains
. Mick Parsons, A Sump Pump is a Perfect Metaphor
. Keith Polette, Fish
. Kala Ramesh, Walk the Walk
. Dian Duchin Reed, Three O’Clock
. David Rice, Beneficiaries
. Bryan Rickert, Our Piano Teacher
. Andrew Riutta, Sober
. Jackie Maugh Robinson, Think Again
. Patricia Rogers, Misleading
. Alexis Rotella, Meeting with Mobsters
. Cynthia Rowe, Apartment 16
. Jacob Salzer, The Intruder
. Joshua Michael Stewart, Spurts and Flashes
. Charles Tarlton, Green and Yellow Trees
. Lew Watts, Plasticene
. Diana Webb, One at a Time
. Michael Dylan Welch, Outrageous Fortune
. Michael Dylan Welch, Poor Yorick
. Michael Dylan Welch, What’s In a Name?
. Simon Wilson, Fallen Fruit
. John Zheng, Driving on the Skyline

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Death is No Magician .Ray Rasmussen, End of the Road

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