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Bob Lucky, General Editor
Ray Rasmussen, Technical Editor

Contents Page: January 2019, vol 14 no 4

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Good Tidings from Bob and Ray: A Special Message in this, our 15th year.

Random Praise: Bob Lucky, To All Haibun Readers

Featured Writer: Diana Webb, Current Feelings on Haibun

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

.Ken Jones, Ken's Corner #2: The second of a 4-part series on writing effective haibun.

.Michael Dylan Welch, Missing the Moon: Haikuless Haibun

.Bruce Ross, Haibun: Narratives of the Heart

Call for Submissions: Red River Book of Haibun Anthology

.Ludmila Balabanova, Mother
.Kathryn Bold, Willpower
.Dave Bonta, Flag Country
.Cory Borisko, Boulevard Dogs
.Cory Borisko, Manifesto
.John Budan, Reunion
.Tony Burfield, Mind Maps
.Tony Burfield, Tomato Dusk
.Matthew Caretti, Water Witching
.Teri White Carns, Ocean Shores
.Marcyn Clements, Pond Nursery
.Glenn G. Coats, A Nest Under the Eaves
.Glenn G. Coats, Solitude
.Janet Lynn Davis, Yet Another One
.J Hahn Doleman, Sheep’s Clothing
.Rebecca Drouilhet, Words Without Songs
.Lynn Edge, Harvey, A Year Later
.Claire Everett, The Last Post
.Claire Everett, Wand
.Marilyn Fleming, The Life You Leave Behind
.Mark Forrester, Homecoming
.Terri L. French, Mother of the Universe
.Raine Geoghegan, The Table in the Hop Fields
.Bill Gottlieb, At Odds and Ends
.Richard Grahn, Bases Loaded
.Autumn Noelle Hall, Back in the Day
.Jonathan Humphrey, The Elegy With Blue Eggshells
.Jonathan Humphrey, Notes From A Jeweler’s Insomnia
.David Jacobs, Intention of Visit

.Gerry Jacobson, Yurt in a Fug
.Susan King, Tempus Fugit
.Pranav Kodial, Compatriots
.Catherine Lee, More Than Mail
.Chen-ou Liu, In the Wake of Legalization
.Antonietta Losito, The Cost of Surviving
.Doris Lynch, Field of Grain as Seen from Train
.Jonathan McKeown, Ubirr
.Mary Myers, Just Another Beech
.Gautam Nadkarni, Crying Foul
.Peter Newton, Pacemaker
.Tom Painting, Red-handed
.Keith Polette, The Game
.Joan Prefontaine, It’s Easy
.Dave Read, Crossing the Ice: The Lost Journal of the Franklin Expedition
.Dian Duchin Reed, Everything and Nothing
.J. Brian Robertson, Whispers
.Alexis Rotella, Divorced A Year
.Guy Simser, Memo to the Upper Room, Case # 296678
.Christine Taylor, When the Storm
.Bill Waters, Growing Up with G.I. Joe
.Lew Watts, What Ex-Wives Tell Their Sons
.Diana Webb, Myth and Magic
.Michael Dylan Welch, September
.Ruth Wiggins, Here
.Geoffrey Winch, Book Marks
.John Zheng, Remembrance
.J. Zimmerman, The Ultra-Violet Catastrophe

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Poetry .Ray Rasmussen, New Year's Resolutions

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